The list of actions

Easy actions

Hachijojima 2002-2003

A celebration of the year 2003 approach at nice Japanese tropical island with volcanos.

Romania 1999

A passage of Fagaras, Iezer Papusa and Piatra Craiului mountains and the visit of Poenari citadel.

Hard actions

Bulgaria 2005

A ski-tour over the never ending ridge of Stara Planina in the central Bulgaria

Altaj 2002

An exploration of wild and untouched nature of Siberia with ascents of snow and ice covered peaks

Monte Rosa 2001

A successful autumn ascent of the highest mountain of Switzerland and the second highest peak of Alps

Turkey 2000

A long journey to Turkish mountains. The main goal of this journey was the summit of biblical Mount Ararat.

Totes Gebirge 2000

Easter trip to the nice Austrian mountains with a lot of sun, snow and avalanches

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