Turkey 2000

(14th July – 12th August, 2000)
A picture of Láďa
A picture of Martin
A picture of Pavel
A picture of Tomáš

I have found only a few photos of Turkish mountains on the internet before we started to go to Turkey. Now it is possible to enjoy many photos here.

The main destination of our journey was a summit of Mount Ararat (5137 m). However, we were not lucky and we did not get a permission to climb the mountain. You can read more about this on Pavel's page .

And here you can see some pictures from the successful ascent, photographed by Kamila Jarkovska in September 2003, at the time the mountain was opened to foreigners.

We had to stay in Bucuresti for several hours (terrible town).

You can have a look to photos of following parts of Turkey:



Kackar Mountains


Van lake

Mount Erciyes Dagi

And what the hell is atompot?