Altaj 2002

(10th July – 11th August, 2000)
A picture of Láďa
A picture of Jana
A picture of Martin
A picture of Jana
A picture of Pavel
A picture of Petra
A picture of Tomáš

This was our first expedition with girls and it was highly successful. We ascended some nice mountains and we were able to spend 18 days in the wildness of Katunskij ridge without refilling our backpacks with meal - the lunch in Tjungur was really rich after these hungry days! Enjoy all photos, which are divided into sections due to our movement in the space and in the time:

The valley of Kucerla, Riga-turist pass and a no-name mountain above it

The valley of Akkem, Karacik pass and the wildness in Mensu valley

Through the wildness to Katun and along Katun to Cujskij trakt

From Cibit to Savlo lake and the ascent of Semjonovskovo

The valley of Maasej and return home

If you want to know something else about this trip, visit Pavel's page (however, it may be written still in Czech only).

And what the hell is atompot?